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Model : Dr. Hard
Name : VIRUS and Data and HDD Protection Card

No one can access this partition so that the computer keep
original information perfectly. And the back-up partition is less than

5% of the HDD. It means you can utilize your HDD over 95%.

This is very poular parts for IBM PC protecting any software bugs and

viruses. As you see it is very difficult to maintain the PC without such obstales

especially in computer classes.

Protect HDD Perfectly

from any bugs and viruses

even from CIH virus

Just Reboot !!


A. Synopsis
It is very difficult to maintain the computer without any bugs and/or viruses especially
in computer classes. Careless students sometimes save unwanted softwares or
delete existing softwares. These can create serious problems. Then the manager
have to spend so many times to fix the computer.

With "HDD Protection Card", you don't need to worry about it. Just reboot the
computer, it will be restored in original state even though someone format the HDD.
Therefore even bugs and/or viruses will be eliminated. You can keep your computer
safely even from CIH virus.

B. Principle
Dr. Hard will make back-up partition and working partition in your HDD when you
install Dr. Hard. Your original files and data will be stored in back-up partition. And
the work result during your work in computer will be stored in working partition. After
finishing the work if you turn off the computer and boot computer again, the
information in working partition will be eliminated and the original information will be
automatically copied to working partition and booting. Therefore although you save
or delete any files or data during the work your HDD will be restored in original state
if you reboot the computer.

C. Installation
After inserting the card in empty slot(ISA) in your PC, you can easily install it
according to the manual. The brief sequence is as follows;
1) Run defragnation first. (Optimization of your HDD)
2) Install Windows Driver with our 3.5" diskett. (Run install.bat in A:)
3) Inser Dr. Hard to empty slot(ISA)
4) Press F10 key
5) Press "Enter" key. (The prompt will apear in [ ] in partition 1)
6) Setting Partition (* Move: Arrow key)

- Write existing O/S such as win95.

- Select "A" or "B" type. (In most case select "A")
* "A" is Instant Back-up Mode
* "B" is Designated Back-up Mode

- Write figure for C: drive such as 1000
* Next [ ] be empty.
* Set Partition 2, 3, 4 if necessary.

- Press "Esc" to exit this area.

7) Move selection bar with arrow key for setting password
Press "Enter" and set your dersired password.
8) Next set wait-time in the similar way as No. 5
9) Finally Save and Exit
Press "Enter" and select "Yes".
Then your PC will continue booting again.

D. Back-up Partition
No one can access this partition so that the computer keep original information
perfectly. And the back-up partition is less than 5% of the HDD. It means you can
utilize your HDD over 95%. It is very important technique, because the back-up
partition keeps the all original information. At first this area requires 50% of the
HDD, accordingly you could utilize HDD only 50%. But we could reduce this area
innovatively to less than 5%.

E. Protect Area & Normal Area
Working partition was said that this area will be restored in original state if the
computer is rebooted. However you can divide this area into Protect Area(C:) &
Normal Area(D:) logically. Protect Area(C:) is the real working area restoring when
rebooted. All files and data in this area will be protected from any bugs and viruses.

Normal Area(D:) is not be restored when rebooted. That is, you can save and/or
delete the files and data in this area in free as before. But these files and data will
not be protected.

F. Supervisor Mode
You will need to install or update certain softwares and save important data in
Protect Area sometimes. You can enter into Supervisor mode when booting with
password. Then you can save or delete files and data even in Protect Area.
Therefore you are requested to be careful to check the viruses before saving in this

G. Instant Back-up Mode & Designated Back-up Mode
If you set Instant Back-up Mode when you install the card, the Protect Area will be
restored whenever you boot the computer. In most cases this mode will be used.
If you set Designated Back-up Mode when you install the card, The Protect Area
will be reserved for the time being. It means everyone can save or delete files in
free as before. When necessary you can set command in Dr. Hard menu for
restoring. Then all the files and data during the time will be perished. This is very
convenient mode in short term computer class.

H. Using Several O/S
If you set several O/S (max 4) when you set partition, you can select your wanted
O/S when booting.

I. Copy Hard Disk Function
You can easily copy HDD from the master HDD. The number of cylinder, header
and sector should be same. It means the same model. You don't need to format the
HDD. It will be automatically formatted and copied just the same as master HDD.

J. Market
The first market is computer class. They have many problems due to careless
students. Careless students sometimes install unwanted programs. Viruses are
roaming freely. There are many computer classes such as in schools, universities,
large companies, education institutes, etc.
And the individuals can be clients. Some people have to use several O/S. Some
people have to protect his application software and data absolutely. All these
people can be the market of this products.

If you are PC assembler and seller, this card will save your A/S time and cost.
Accordingly your clients will be satisfied with your services.

K. Proposal to Ordinary Users
When you install this card and set the HDD area, divide HDD 50:50 of C:
drive(Protect Area) and D: drive(Non Protect Area). And save or install all the
important softwares and data in Protect Area(C:) such as Win95, Word Processor,
Graphic Program, Internet Browser, Data Base, etc.
And remain less important files and data in Non Protect Area(D: drive). When you
work in PC you can work in C: drive as before but save it in D: drive during the
work. After complete the work you can save it in C: drive with your password. Of
course, don't open your password to others.
Though someone install dangerous program such as game you don't need to worry
about it. It will be eliminated entirely when he turn off the PC. Even viruses will not
remain. Therefore you can keep your PC safely.
Caution!! : Please check virus befor saving files and data in C: drive.

** About CIH Virus **
CIH virus is very dangerous and fearful for computer users. It destroys Hard Disk Drive and BIOS
in Flash Memory. Therefore if your computer is attacked from CIH virus your computer will not
work anymore. You cannot fix your computer again because booting itself is impossible. It means
any virus vaccin is of no use after being attacked.
If you install Dr. Hard in your computer you can avoid such attack of CIH virus easily. As you
know the CIH virus act on April 26. Similar viruses act also on the date of 26 every month. Dr.
Hard will eliminate CIH virus whenever you boot the computer. You may boot computer once a
day at least. All the viruses and bugs will be eliminated automatically when booting. So you can
avoid the attack of CIH virus.